Monday, May 17, 2010

christie & co.

Blake Thomas. Blake. Thomas. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Almost a nice Superbowl Ring to it? .... Christie and her hubs, former Greenbay Superbowl Champ, Rod came out to see me. Bringing with them their impossibly beautiful daughter, Layla, and Rookie of the Year, Blake Thomas. This was my second time to work with the fam, and like last time, it was non-stop comedic stand-up routines the entire time. Rod, you see, was just back (literally) from a Charity Event in Houston. With Donald. Driver. I poked fun at him most of the session, while the gorgeous Christie (who looked entirely too perfect to have just had a c-section two weeks prior) tended to her sweet boy and girl. Christie's sis, Lisa, was in from out of state and was a huge help throughout the whole session. And the babies. Sigh. The babies. The beautiful babies who were literally born to pose for my camera. Layla turned 3 in April. She fed Blake. Told Mommy when to burp him. Was just the Little Mama herself. And when it came time to take pictures, she was The Professional and absolutely rocked the camera. As did Baby Blake. While he was definitely not a fan of the naked baby shots, as long as he was being rocked or snuggled, he was a dream. Such a fantastic session, with so many faves; it was impossible to narrow them down to a few for a sneak. Christie, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful moment for your insanely beautiful family. Enjoy your sneak ... and tell Rod to tell Donald I said hi!

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  1. Oh my! Oh my! I think little Layla has a future in modeling. Gorgeous!!!