Monday, May 24, 2010

tammie & co.

I guess if I had to get busted for shooting on the grounds of a church, during church services (where I was a "distraction" ... even though I didn't know services were being held in the room overlooking our session ...), I'd want it to be with Tammie and her crew. This was my first time to work with the fam, but it felt like we were old friends. Which really helped in the Humiliation Factor when I was busted. Chris, Tammie's Zach Braff look alike husband, was Ever the Comedian, entertaining all of us with his one liners and observations. When I found out at the end of the session that he a) works for Homeland Security and b) flies airplanes for fun, I was just a bit impressed. Tammie was absolutely so sweet with her girlies and just the epitome of Laid Back Momminess. And the girls. Well, two year old Eden came to the session sporting hot pink sunglasses and was Little Miss Sass personified. Baby Maren (don't their names just want to make you go shopping at Anthropolgie?!?!) was ever the Sweet Girl, in spite of not having napped prior to the session. When it came to sit in the grass with Eden, she politely refused. But she did love the tufted chair I brought along at the last minute. This session was so fun, so laid back and just the perfect way to end a weekend. Zach, Chris ... and Tammie, thanks for such a fun session. Your girlies are delish, and it was too much fun! Enjoy your sneaky!

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