Sunday, June 13, 2010

andrea & co.

Sweet baby Jake. S. W. E. E. T. Seriously, such a dream. At 6 months, with the bluest eyes and silliest little dance, he was the best way to start a weekend of All Boy Sessions. He brought along his mommy, daddy and two grandmas. Both of whom were so very helpful when it came to holding and reflecting, etc. Jake was so funny. When he was super excited and about to flash the sweetest smile, he'd do this little jig. His whole body would sway and shake, and he'd move his head from side to side, and then he 'd smile. We went through a few outfit changes and lots of smiles in less than an hour. And I honestly could have spent all day with him. And his entourage, for that matter. Andrea, thank you so much for bringing your boy over to see me. Please bring him back. Soon. Enjoy your sneak!


  1. Jennifer, these pictures are amazing! You have done such a perfect job capturing Jacob's sweet personality. We loved working with you and are excited to do it again...I may not be able to wait until he's 12 months! Thank you for the sneak!!

  2. Jennifer, your work captures Jacob just as he is every day! What a treasure these photos are!