Saturday, June 26, 2010

stephanie & co.

My husband is one of the most loyal men you will ever meet. Ever. So it makes sense that his closest circle of friends have been with him since childhood. Some dating all the way back to pre-school! One of his BFF's (if I may use the word when describing the most metro of men) is Todd. A favorite of mine, and a friend of the hubs since the 7th grade. The 7th grade. Seeing as how the rowdy class of Bel Aire High, 1990, are celebrating their 20th High School Reunion this evening: 7th grade + 20 year reunion = an insane amount of ridiculous teenage stories I'll be sure to hear tonight. But this morning, I didn't hang with Todd the high schooler. I got to hang with Todd the Dad. And Todd the Husband. Married to his own high school sweetheart for the past 10 years, when these two aren't power lawyering it up in the finest of H-town courtrooms, they're parenting two of the cutest little kiddos around. When I first saw Ava Rose's picture, 5 years ago (and on what would become the first of many of Steph's insanely adorable holiday cards), literally my first thought was, "I want to photograph that blue eyed baby." Flash forward three years later: on the day Houston welcomed Hurricane Ike, Todd, Steph and Ava welcomed baby Sam. With killer blues like his older sister, and eyelashes that Lancome ads are made for, Sam is delicious. As is the whole family. I first met Todd 14 years ago. In the Gingerman in Dallas. He and a few of the hubs' entourage were in from Houston. I introduced Todd to the beauty of a Woodchuck Apple Cider, and he all but convinced me he should have his own radio show. Or tv show. Or at least write one. He's crazy funny, folks. In addition to holding down successful legal careers: he has produced, directed, written, etc., etc., a phenomenal documentary about harmonicas and the folks who play them. And Steph manages to inspire me with her unbelievable creativity (seriously, she is Houston's Martha Stewart), while reading those legal briefs. Guys, it was so much fun today. Thanks for sharing your babies with me. Looking forward to tonight, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

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  1. What amazing pictures.... thank you for photographing these beautiful children. I think I just might need wallpaper made from these photographs.

    "GG" aka Marlene