Sunday, June 20, 2010

jenny & co.

Two Junes ago, when I literally was in business for a month, Jenny contacted me for pics. She wanted to surprise her husband with pictures of her and their daughter for Father's Day. So one afternoon I met her and Camille in Highland Park for the first of what would become many sessions over the last two years. The pictures were a hit with the hubs, and since then, I've come to know Jenny and her family very well. I even had the honor of photographing her sister and her fiance a year or so ago. Since that first session two Junes ago, Jenny and Patrick have added little Ford to the mix. I tell you all this, dear reader, because working with them at this point, is like working with family. Which was so very handy when we arrived to our original location for pictures yesterday morning, only to find the darn place was locked up ...and would not be open for another two hours! Never mind that Jenny and Patrick had driven in from Fort Worth for these pictures. And that she had requested a place semi-half way ... I was so very glad that this would not be my first impression on the family, for it surely would have been my last. Instead, we scrambled over to Highland Park, yet again, for what would become my favorite session with the lovely family. To date. Camille, the 5 year old going on 27, first asked, "What will I get to help Mrs. Zindler with this time, Mommy?" when she got out of the car. She then proceeded to ask for a dozen black and white shots of her and Ford (yes, she actually said black and white shots), and she offered many suggestions on how to pose the family. If the next time you call haute shot photography and are greeted with a husky, childish voice on the other end, don't hang up. I've probably just hired C as my assistant. Little Ford was All Boy yesterday. Climbing the stone steps with Daddy, throwing leaves into the creek with Mommy, delightfully building and destroying block towers like a champ, and every once in awhile posing with sister. Throughout the session, Patrick and Jenny kept reminding Camille to keep her knee covered. I noticed a bright band-aid decorating said knee, so I did some investigating. Turns out, Miss Camille had fallen down and scraped her knee the night before. While wearing a white sundress. And rain boots. In June. On one of the driest days of the year. So clearly haute shot's youngest assistant is now haute shot's fashion consultant. Guys, thanks so much for putting up with the drama that began our session! Enjoy your sneak!

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