Sunday, June 13, 2010

jenni & co.

I first worked with little Jay during his one year portraits a few months ago. He was recently back for his 18 month pictures. And, boy oh boy, did this boy make me work for them! The first five minutes had his daddy and grandpa (and, truth be told, me) in somewhat of a panic: it almost looked as if Jay was going to pull the plug on the session and refuse to take pictures. But after we sat in the grass to watch the ducks, and grandpa let me borrow his phone to make some silly calls, little Jay warmed up. And once he did, it was smooth sailing. Oh sure, we still had to run all over the park to keep up with the toddler, but he was up for anything. Stacking bricks at the tracks, collecting coins from Grandpa, and climbing on everything. Jay, thanks for braving the heat and bringing him out to play! Jenni, I look forward to meeting you at our fall session, and enjoy your sneak!

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