Sunday, June 13, 2010

paige & co.

Little boy Brady. At 9 months, he has quite a sense of humor. Which is most likely due to having a crazy mama like Paige. And I can call her crazy because when she was in college, she and her gal pals (my baby sis included) came to stay with me in Chicago for a weekend. They went to Navy Pier, crashed a private party on a yacht and stayed out until morning. Granted, this was almost ten years ago. But she's always been crazy Paige to me. She taught me that dancing, while clapping, isn't really cool. She knows how to curl her hair with a chi like a pro. And now she's a mommy. And a very good one at that. And, true to Crazy Paige form, she can make a noise in her throat that sounds like one of those squeaky things you find inside of toys. It's ... crazy. And seeing her as a mommy is crazy sweet. She adores her boy, he clearly adores her, and sweet Daddy Justin rounds out the mix. I had so much fun with them, as I always do, and it was such an honor to photograph this uber hip fam a few weeks before Father's Day. Paigey B., thank you for the fun session, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. You couldn't have described our sweet Paigey any more perfect. That's too funny because I have always referred to her as "Crazy Paige." This little post put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. These pictures are just precious! You are amazing Jenn!