Sunday, June 20, 2010

leslie & co.

Double birthday wishes are in store for brothers Christopher and Colin! They stopped by this past weekend for their one year session. They brought with them Mama Leslie and Leslie's mother-in-law, Grandmother. Grandmother will be taking care of them this week while Leslie is at a conference. After working with the boys for an hour, I'm seriously considering going over to be Grandmother's second set of hands. While Colin was busy attempting to rewire my lighting equipment, Christopher was trying to scale the chairs in the studio. They were non-stop everything ... and so darn cute! Not to mention sweet. They posed like little gentlemen with Grandmother, and they hammed it up when it came time for their individual shots. The highlight of the session for me, however, was when they shared a smash cake. At one point, Colin reached over to grab the bulk of Christopher's. Christopher, the more laid back of the two, slowly turned to look at his brother .... who clearly had his own cupcake to eat. They both just kind of stared at each other, waiting to see who would do what. After a few seconds, Christopher just smiled and then shared his treat with Colin. The brothers could not be sweeter, could not be cuter, and I wish them a year full of fun and new discoveries! Thanks for coming out Leslie, and enjoy your sneaky!

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