Sunday, June 20, 2010

sandi & co.

Sandi and her family were literally one of my very first sessions when I first started out. We shot the whole clan in her parents' backyard two Father's Days ago. Back then, they were a family of 9. With baby Grant rounding out the mix today, there are now 10 of them. Sandi and her family of four actually live in New York. But when she makes it down to Texas to visit her parents and brother's family, she makes it a point to also visit haute shot. Which is a huge honor. Shanie, Sandi's gorgeous sis-in-law, is actually the one who originally found me. And Shanie's husband used one of the pictures from our first session as an ad on Tom Thumb shopping carts all over North Dallas. In short, they have always been so very fond of me, and I'm just as equally fond of them. This past weekend we braved the heat and met at Celestial Park in Addison. The girls, as always, were adorable and sweet ... all thing sugar and spice. As the Always Ready to Pose Sydney picked me dandelions and acorns for me, Caroline requested the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Baby Shea, who (I'm sad to report) is no longer a baby, was on her best behavior, in the hopes of earning one of Aunt Sandi's lollipops. And baby Grant. With his dark hair and piercing blue eyes, two words come to mind: Lady. Killah. Gigi and Pop-pop are the proud patriarch and matriarch of the entire clan. It was pretty incredible to see how much this beautiful family has changed in the course of two years, and I look forward to the next time I get to work with them. Sandi, thanks for organizing the session, and enjoy your sneak!

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