Wednesday, October 27, 2010

patty & co.

Patty and her boys met me out at the Arboretum for some fall family pics this weekend. We were actually supposed to meet elsewhere, but the crazy rain on Saturday led us to the somewhat dry sidewalks of the Arboretum. Which were lined with over 40,000 pumpkins. 40,000. Pumpkins. And those pumpkins brought droves of people. Droves. Never mind that Patty had dressed everyone in beachy blues and they were all throwing out a Cali vibe. While we were limited in where we could shoot, we managed to find some pumpkin-free spots, and we also managed to have fun. And find worms. Lots of them. The boys were so sweet, even towards the end when The Boss all but told us to Wrap. It. Up. And who could blame him? We had already cut in to his lunch and nap schedule, and no amount of lollipops, or pumpkins, could make up for that? Right? Nevertheless, the brothers were adorable, and Patty's laid back style was perfection. Guys, thanks for being so flexible with the location change and for coming out to see me! I had so much fun, and enjoy your sneak!

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