Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lauren & co.

Oh sweet, Sophie. I got to play with another one of my favorite red heads this weekend. And in the six months I had seen her last, she hadn't changed much. At all, really, save for one major detail: her amazing red locks were now amazing curly red locks! Her head looked like a big bowl of Spaghetti-O's! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and I couldn't take my lens off of her! Lauren and Paul, in typical fashion, were so much fun. As Lauren and I schemed over our next photo session (it will be epic, dear reader), Paul and Sophie found all kinds of critters roaming the grounds. A beautiful monarch had to the most interesting find. And Sophie inspecting it had to be the most adorable moment. Lauren always frets over wardrobe, but somehow she seems to always pull off a classic look. The plums in Miss Sophie's dress just made her curls pop! And guess who little adorable Sophie will be for Halloween this year? ... Wait for it ... Little Orphan Annie. Is that not priceless? Thanks, guys, for so much fun. Again. Looking forward to February ...

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