Tuesday, October 19, 2010

amy & co.

Little Boy Drew, I heart you.
With your hair so red and your eyes so blue.
Seriously, I heart this boy. Just such a sweetie. Never mind that the camera eats him up with his gorgeous coloring and megawatt smile. Or that I could ... what with his gorgeous coloring and megawatt smile. It had been about a year since I saw him last. He is walking now. Everywhere. And just so curious. He loved the steps at the park, the acorns on the ground, the really creepy iron elves that decorate the grounds ... all of it. And I can honestly say that Mike and Amy loved chasing their little redhead all around the park. I've always loved Prather Park because the gorgeous stone steps remind me of someplace in England. Or Ireland. And Drew? Well, one look at the wee little lad (hopefully you read that line in the ridiculous Irish accent I was using while writing it), and you can guess whence Drew reminds me. The park could not have been more perfect for him. And it was a big milestone at the end of the session, when Drew got to sit in the big boy swing. All by himself. This was a first for him, and the moment he realized he was sitting in the swing, on his own, was just too sweet. He took one look at his adoring parents, one quick glance at the crazy lady with the camera, and then down at the ground to make sure he was, indeed, sitting there by himself. Priceless. Amy, thanks so much for coming back to see me. I always have so much fun with you guys, and this time was no exception. Hope Spidey gets lots of treats this Halloween, and enjoy your sneaky!

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