Thursday, October 28, 2010

kara & co.

New parents, Scott and Kara, stopped by the studio this week. They brought with them their three week old son, Preston and "big brother" Max. Both boys, I'm pleased to report, were absolute angels. I kid you not, Preston slept the entire time, taking only one small break to drink a quick bottle. And then it was back to Dream Land for the sweetheart. Max was such a sweetie, both posing with the family and then posing for some sweet snuggle shots with his new baby brother. Scott and Kara were entirely too relaxed and laid back to be new parents to a newborn, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. While Kara and I dished about home remodeling, Scott told me all about his future career in Internal Medicine. And judging by how sweet he was with his little boy, I have no doubt he will be a fantastic doc with the best bedside manner. At one point I asked the proud parents how they chose Preston's name. Turns out Scott used to live off of Preston as a bachelor, and when he'd drive down the street he always thought it was a great name for a future son. Fast forward years later, when he and his lovely wife found out they were expecting a boy, and Scott shared the name with her. She loved it, both because the name is a great one, but mostly because her sweet husband thought of it all on his own, so many years ago, when Preston was just a twinkle in his eye. Such a sweet family, such a sweet boy, and such a great session. Congrats, guys, and thanks for letting me capture this moment in your lives! Enjoy your sneak!

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