Friday, September 25, 2009

neille & co.

Seven months after making her debut on this very blog, baby Brielle is back. And, oh my goodness, what a sweetie!!!! She immediately flashed me the gummiest grin . . . and this was before we had even entered the park! And for the rest of the session, she was Little Miss Smiley. Such a happy, happy baby. And such doting, doting parents! They both went into work late so that they could make this session work. And what a pay-off! It was nearly impossible whittling the pics down to a few for the sneak, but I somehow managed. Neille brought along a bag of A-dorable outfits for Brielle and we managed to work them all into the session without one bit of protest from the supermodel baby. I first worked with Neille for her maternity session. I was struck then, as I was now, at what a strong woman she is. She had to grow up very fast, at a very young age, and that "I can do anything" attitude is just how she rolls. Intelligent, beautiful, strong . . . and I think the last pic sums this all up. We wrapped up our session a little before noon, and Neille wanted to be sure and give Brielle her bottle before taking her to school. "She's going to want to eat any minute now," she kept saying. And, on cue, Brielle was ready to eat. So while Brielle let us know it was lunch time, Neille juggled making a bottle, packing up outfits, soothing her daughter and paying her photographer . . .all in two minutes. I think I offered to help a dozen times, but she clearly had it all down. By the way, Brielle isn't playing peek-a-boo in that pic; while Mommy feeds her a bottle, she soothes herself by rubbing her head and eyes over and over. Such a sweet baby, such a sweet family, and such a sweet session. Thanks, Neille and Lane, for going into work late! And thanks for a great session! Enjoy your sneaky!

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