Monday, September 28, 2009

ashley & co.

Saturday morning could not have started any sweeter for me. Little Roman and his perpetual smile stopped by for his 6 month photo session, bringing along his haute mom and dad. I first met Roman almost seven months ago, when I took his newborn pictures. His barbie doll, I mean mama, is a member of the League (along with Kristin, Tiffany, and Lindsey) and is just a sweetie. And if she weren't such a sweetie, I'd really, really dislike her and her PX90 rockin' bod. She and Matt do the exercise regimen together. Isn't that . . . sweet? I much prefer to MCD7 (that's the McDonald's value meal, #7, extra cheese) with the hubs. Anyway, I digress. This shoot was just Too. Much. Fun. As a mother to a little boy, I've always been frustrated at the lack of "cute boy stuff" out there. Little girls get tutus, bows, pettiskirts, etc. Leave it to Ashley the Interior Designer to find the most amanzing accessories for her son: ties. Adorable. And totally completed Roman's outfit. When I say Roman could not stop smiling, I'm not kidding. Such a happy, happy baby. And such a flirt! The funny thing about this session, dear reader: Roman was up for anything. And Ashley was game, too. Matt, though, would quietly voice his concern over us possibly injuring his little boy (not that we were doing ANYTHING remotely dangerous). "Um, I'm just afraid if we sit him on the wood floor without a pillow he'll fall over and hit his head." I think Matt must have said this 10 times, as he hovered within finger's reach to catch Roman if he toppled over. Or, "Uh, he really doesn't like things on his head; that hat will make him fall on his head for sure." Such a sweet, sweet daddy, and Ashley and I got a kick out of his concern. The shoot ended with the arrival of another leauge member: Kristin. We did a few shots of Roman and Madison together. And ever the ladies 'man, Roman immediately grabbed Miss M's hand. Then tried to coyly play with her hair (although, truth be told, I think he was after the bow) . . . and when those advances were not working, he decided he would use her as a jungle gym and just crawl all over her. An incredibly adorable way to end an incredibly adorable session. Ash and Matt, I don't know what you're feeding that boy, but it must be laced with happy, happy, happy. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your sneaky!

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