Monday, July 20, 2009

tiffany & co.

~ Dear Mr. Lauren: Can I call you Ralph? Fabulous. I heard you were looking for a few new models for your childrens' line; well look no further, Ralphy. I spent Sunday morning with two of the cutest boys on the block. Their lovely mama, Tiffany, had chosen outfits for them from your spring line, and oh my heavens, did they own them! Never mind that Christian has a head of hair adults would covet (myself included), that Lincoln rocks a lil' mohawk, and that both boys have the bluest baby blues. Ever. Just look at them, Ralph. Do they not scream Polo 2010? Great; I'll have my people call your people, and we can set something up. ~ Seriously, though, I spent Sunday morning with Tiffany and her three boys. Christian and Lincoln are twins, and at the beginning of the session, Tiffany said her expecations were low. I believe she said something to the effect of, "They're 18 months. They're boys. And there are two of them." Well, while they boys certainly took care of my cardio routine for the next three days, I am happy to report we managed to snap a few keepers. Seriously, Tiffany had the guys dressed so adorably (sorry, Fahmi, but you did look adorable in that pink/celadon striped tie), and the boys provided plenty of action-packed moments for us to enjoy. Even if we were sweaty messes when it was all said and done. Tiffany and Fahmi were so very sweet, and I always enjoy working with them. And did I mention the boys? So full of life, so curious, and all boy. At the end of our session, Tiffany asked me if I ever submit my photos to contests. Such a humbling, sweet thing to ask (serioulsy, I know I blushed, but was so close to heat stroke that no one noticed!). And while I never have . . . if I did, the first pic of the four of them walking might be a candidate. I think I'd call it Blue Skies Ahead. Tiffany, as always, it was a pleasure. Thanks so much for coming out my way and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. I have tears in my eyes!! These pics are fabulous!!! You did an amazing job!! Tiffany told me that she would definitely have to re-do the shoot becasue the boys were not in the best mood. After seeing these, I completely dissagree!!! Amazing job Jennifer!!