Monday, July 6, 2009

carolyn & co.

Tommy. Carolyn. Stacey. Neal. Blake. Zach. Luke. Lana. Matt. Cody. Tyler. Russell. Jolene. Carson. Avery. Sage (the chocolate lab puppy). And the divine Miss M (Cody's super cute girlfriend of 2 years who was such a big help!). These 17 smiling faces greeted me Friday morning for a mega-family portrait session. Even though we started shooting a little later than planned, these professionals more than made up for the lost time. Everyone was so sweet, so easy and truly rocked the camera; even sleepy Zach. I come from a crazy large family, so I felt right at home with this gorgeous gang. Between shots there was plenty of laughing, plenty of playing with the cousins and lots of love. The kids (big ones included) were so polite, and you could just see how much Tommy and Carolyn adore their brood. At the end of the session, Tommy gathered his handsome grandsons for a quick shot by the creek; "We'll go fishing," he said (with uber-pride and affection in his voice, by the by). And then Carolyn grabbed Miss Avery for a quick Grandmother/Granddaughter pose, creekside. So sweet, so loving, and such a tight-knit bunch. At the end of the session, drinks were passed around (the temps had climbed by then, and everyond had earned it!), and fond farewells were said. Carolyn, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your lovely family. Thanks for the honor of working with everyone. Enjoy your sneak, and your family!

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  1. Huge. Lump. In. Throat.

    Thank you so much Jennifer. You captured us not only beautifully on film, but with your words. I'm lucky to have married into such a loving family... even though it was my husband who made us late. (ooops, was that out loud?!?)