Monday, July 6, 2009

kristin & co.

Meet Miss Madison. But feel free to call her Miss Perfection. I mean, look at her, for crying out loud. It's almost impossible for me to even write this post because I keep wanting to scroll down and look at her divine face! That smile. That hair. Sigh. I miss her. Madison is the youngest member of The League: a group of sassy, sophisticated, gorgeous gals who also happen to be BFFs. And, lucky for me, I've worked with so many of them! And please forgive me, dear reader, for bragging on a few of them: Lindsey is the one who introduced me to the group. I think I am going to hire her on as my Fashion Consultant; keep in mind she's also one of my Planners. According to Kristin, she was over helping her pick out Madison's wardrobe for the newborn shoot. The newborn shoot. Yet she would pick up something and say, "Oh, save this for the 3 month shoot. This one will be great for the 6 month shoot", and so on and so on. Tiffany, also a Planner (I think it must be a requisite in the League's Oath), has apparently selected outfits for the twins that literally have me counting down the days to our session next weekend. Wait. Until. You. See. Them. And then there's April and Maverick, who I'll meet in two weeks . . . Anyway, I digress. Kristin and Chad could not have been more laid back about the entire shoot. Never you mind that I totally rearranged their lovely home, and that both are recovering from surgeries that prevent them from lifting anything that weighs more than their daughter . . . . Such troopers. Nana and Gigi (Madison's grandmother and great-grandmother, respectively) were also on hand for the shoot. Both women had such a gentle, loving touch, and it was so evident that Madison is already gaga over the both of them. I had so much fun with this family. Kristin was game for all my ideas, and at one point called her neighbors over while we were shooting outside. Just to watch. And I'll be honest, I don't know what was funnier: the fact that she called them, or the fact that the lovely Angie Harmon and Shawn Johnson look-alikes came running! And before I forget, I must make mention of Big Sister Molly. When she came to the door upon my arrival, she was wearing the sweetest little pink dress. And that hair! A gorgeous, soft cinnamon chocolate color. She clearly adores Madison, and I'm pleased to report that there is not one ounce of sibling rivalry in her little 8 pound body. Don't believe me? Just look at that shot below; the one where it looks like she's SMILING over baby sister's shoulder. Oh, did I forget to mention she's a canine? Kristin calls her her first born, and she truly is treated like it. Baby Madison's nursery was something out of a magazine spread, and her closet is something out of a movie. Large. And already full of clothes. Really, really cute ones. Kristin, you have no idea how much fun I had with you guys. I am looking forward to the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and extended family session (see, readers, Kristin's a Planner, too). Thank you so much for sharing your supermodel with me. I told you it would be hard narrowing the pics down for the sneak, and it really, really was. Enjoy the ones I chose, and thanks again for such an amazing session!

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  1. Jennifer, words can not describe how much I am in love with just the sneak peak!! You are so talented and we have been talking about her photo shoot all weekend long!! I am so excited to see the rest of the pics. I am already planning for her next 3 shoots!! Thank you for capturing these treasured times!!