Sunday, July 12, 2009

christie & co.

Well, I'd like to say the nerves died down after April's session, but really they were just beginning. Because, after my Son of a Reality TV Celebrity Session, I went straight to Daughter of a Fox Affiliate Reporter and Winning 1996 Superbowl Player session. And the winning team I'm referring to just happened to be none other than the Greenbay Packers. Loyal blog readers know my obsession for the Green and Gold, so I won't digress (but, holy moly, check out that bling in the last shot!). Christie is actually BFF's with April, and the two haute mamas had the ingenious idea of booking sessions back to back! Christie and Rod really only wanted pictures of their little princess, Layla, but we still managed to snap a few sweet ones of her interacting with her doting parents. Layla is definitely one of the most verbal little two year olds (she literally just turned two) I've ever met. She obviously has a future in broadcasting, just like her mama! Although, come to think of it, those sprints she was doing for 15 minutes straight (in 100 degree temps!) actually might be her future ticket to something sports related. Layla is a very active little tot: she led (or ran, call it what you will), and we simply followed. In motion, or sitting still, you can't deny that she is one beautiful little girl. With a very sharp sense of humor, I might add. Nor can you ignore the obvious affection Christie and Rod have for her. Rod mentioned that he takes a picture of her daily, just to send off to grandparents in Vegas! Baby, Miss Layla's baby doll, joined us for some shots, and Layla enjoyed pushing her in a stroller and picking her flowers. But what I think she enjoyed most was playing in the water garden at the end of our session. I have never had a session end quite like that, but during these dog days of summer I'm going to start encouraging it! Christie, thank you so much for giving me the honor of working with your beautiful little girl. She was beyond adorable! And Rod, thank you so much for being so patient and kind as I rambled on and on about my Packers obsession. I promised myself I wouldn't, but I just couldn't help myself . . . You guys were so much fun; enjoy your sneak!

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