Thursday, September 17, 2009

tasha & co.

Ava Michelle. She and her gorgeous parents came to visit me today. At 4 weeks, Ava was just beyond perfection. So full, so round, and so, so, so sweet. What a snuggler! And just so curious. She was content to just lay there and soak up the sights in the studio. She gave me major eye contact, sweet smiles and let me get my Baby Fix with some sweet snugglin' between shots. And don't get me started on her parents. It's hard to say who was sweeter: Brian and his great help moving props and furniture, or Miss Tasha and her willingness to let me pose her baby any which way. And isn't she just so pretty? Tinier than I was at three (and she just had a baby!), I seriously would have hated her. If she wasn't so sweet. And what's sweeter? The fact that Brian and Tasha were high school sweethearts! It seriously doesn't get any sweeter than that. Guys, thank you so much for coming out to see me with your beautiful, adorable, baby girl. I miss her. I'm not kidding. Enjoy your sneak, your weekend and Miss Ava!

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