Monday, September 28, 2009

lauren & co.

It seems like only yesterday I was documenting the upcoming arrival of Wayne and Lauren's sweet baby boy. And it literally was yesterday when we all met again to take sweet Caleb's one year pictures. As always, Lauren had planned the session down to a T. Four months ago. And, as always, it was so great working with this sweet family. Caleb gave me the sweetest smiles from the get-go. And he loved playing in the cowboy hat and vintage tin I brought along for the session. This particular session was very dear to me, because I've literally documented the major Caleb milestones in this family's life . . . . which dates back to a little more than over a year ago. It was astounding to me to see the changes in Caleb, the deeper bond Lauren and Wayne have developed because of Caleb . . . and just so moving because they have chosen to use me for so many of their moments. I feel like I'm rambling here . . . and I am 99.9% sure that I am. But it is nothing short of an honor that they've allowed me into their little world, countless times, and I guess I just am shocked that it's been a whole year. We've come full circle, so to speak. Anyway, enough about my pitiful little reflections: Caleb is walking, definitely talking and just such a sweetheart. Wayne is definitely the proud papa and so sweet with Caleb. And he still laughs at all of my jokes . . . which really makes a session successful, dear reader (FYI). Lauren really couldn't be a sweeter gal, and she's always so careful to make sure she hasn't offended you, overstepped her boudaries (which she never, ever does) . . just so very thoughtful. And that sweetness comes through in her mothering to little Caleb. So amazing to watch . . . and so much sweeter that I've watched it this past year. Thanks, guys, for another memorable session. Sorry for the direction issues prior to the session, and kisses to little boy blue. Enjoy your sneak . . . and thanks for the sleeping bag!

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