Wednesday, September 9, 2009

joelle, laura & co.

Joelle and Laura gathered up their gorgeous families for our Second Annual Labor Day shoot. Joelle and Laura have been friends forever. And last year they came up with the brilliant idea to do their sessions back to back. As Laura is from Houston, this was not only brillz, but efficient. This was my third time to work with the adorable Miss Eva. She remembered me this time, and my how she loved the camera. And the camera was just as ga-ga for her. Laura, as always, was a picture of simple elegance, and John looked particularly . . . . supple this session. Seriously, though, he was of course making his infamous one-liners left and right, which kept us all entertained as we played and snapped. I don't even know how many times I've worked with Joelle and Rob. I stopped counting after 5. Talk about loyal customers. And it's so much fun because I really get to see all the stages and milestones of the little ones! I couldn't believe how big baby Dylan has grown, crawling everywhere and on his way to walking! Alexis, as always, rocks the camera with her To. Die. For. baby blues. All four of them, actually, have the most amazing blue eyes. Haunting. Rob brought along his first love, Skyy, for a few of the shots. Alexis' reaction to Rob trying to get the canine to sit was priceless. As always, it was so much fun. Thanks, guys, for putting this together (and to Joelle for finding the great park!). Rob and John, hoped you enjoyed your manly lunch. Ladies, enjoy your sneak!

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