Monday, March 30, 2009

ashley & co.

A few months ago, Lindsey & Co. (along with a few other brilliant ladies) bought Ashley and Matt a newborn session as a baby shower gift . . . which is pure genius, by the way. I mean, are you really going to treasure that Diaper Genie years from now? I didn't think so. Matt and Ashley could not have been sweeter. And Ashley could not have been more drop-dead gorgeous two weeks post-partum. Oh, and don't get me started on precious little Roman. Such a calm little baby, and so easy to work with! Ashley is an interior designer, so little Roman's room was something out of a magazine spread. Proud Daddy is a pilot, so Roman's nursery is a little boy's dream: full of airplanes, maps . . . he could get lost in there for hours, but still make it home in time for dinner. I can't post without mentioning Captain: Matt and Ashley's first baby boy. Such a sweet little doggie, and every time Roman cried, Captain would run over to soothe the baby by licking his feet or ear (see below for proof)! Such a good big brother. Ashley and Matt, congratulations to the both of you. He is pure perfection, and it was so much fun working with the four of you! Enjoy your sneak peek, and I hope the deck and fence didn't turn out too red!

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