Monday, March 23, 2009

laura & co.

I realized on Saturday, when I unpacked my suitcase in Houston, that I had forgotten to pack shoes. And the only pair I brought were the Nikes I wore on the drive in. Which turned out to be a very good thing: I truly needed them as I RAN around taking pictures of Miss Eva. And I mean RAN. Ironically, we took pictures in the very park where she took her first steps . . . and she's never slowed down since! I first took pictures of Laura & Co. last September, when they were in Dallas visiting friends. I was so happy last month when she emailed to see if I'd be in Houston anytime soon, as they wanted some spring pics. As luck would have it, my in-laws live in H-town, so this past weekend was a working-vaca down in the city. I had so much fun with this sweet family: "fishing", picking flowers, racing, bubble blowing . . . and getting to see Laura's brother and his lovely family! They stopped by at the end of the shoot for a group portrait, and the fun never ended. Laura, thank you so much for arranging the shoot! Tell John thanks for wearing deodorant. And thank you, Annat, for the rodeo coupons! You guys are the sweetest; enjoy your sneak!

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