Monday, March 9, 2009

kim & co.

My last session of the weekend could not have been with a sweeter family. I must admit, when Kim booked the session a few weeks ago, she mentioned her child was 5. As a mommy to a 5 year old boy, I was looking forward to this session! Five, to me, is such a bittersweet age. You are no longer able to shop in the T section (2t-4t), as five years old sizes are now found in the youth section . . . which puts you that much further from the baby clothes and all things small and blue and baby . . . You notice one day that the little hand you are holding while crossing the street isn't quite as little as it once was. Or as round and chubby; and the grasp is a bit stronger. And, for most five year olds, school becomes a full time job for the next 13+ years, and words like pre-school and playdates seem to vanish from your vocabulary. So as I watched, through my lens, the sweet relationship that Kim, Sandy and Brady shared, I was just a little nostalgic. Brady, as I had expected, was such a sweety. And clearly adored by his mommy and daddy. When Brady and I were not discussing Star Wars ( I had no idea Yoda was a girl!) or debating the merits of Burger King with Mommy, Brady and Daddy engaged in a friendly little stand-up comedy competition (Daddy smells like a toe was my personal fave). Oh, and we also managed to capture some very sweet shots. That, of course, had me homesick for another little five year old boy who would be waiting for me at home, ready to discuss Star Wars and Transformers. And maybe even share a snuggle or two. Kim and Sandy, you have no idea how much fun I had with you guys. Thank you so much for being so patient with me as I threw you into 1000 different poses! I hope you enjoyed your Burger King . . . and your sneak peek!

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