Monday, March 30, 2009

heather & co.

When Heather contacted me a month or so ago, we were originally thinking Family Photo Session in the Bluebonnets. Alas, Mother Nature didn't cooperate this year with abundant rain, so the bluebonnets are few and far between. But Heather did remember another beautiful blooming bud this time of year: the azalea! She could not have picked a more picturesque spot to showcase her family amidst the blooms. And she could not have brought a lovelier family to showcase the flowers! Sister Claire was the epitome of ladylike sweetness, and she has a future as one of Dallas' top floral designers. Seriously, you should have seen the gorgeous bouquet she created by the end of our session! And little Spencer was the eptiome of all things boy: spirited, curious, independent. And he was such a trooper, even though he skinned his knee and toe (pretty badly, if you ask me) within the first three minutes of the shoot! Everett has the most amazing Crazy Laugh you've ever heard . . . that not only got his kids laughing out loud, but every other person in the park! Myself included. Heather, you have a beautiful family, and it was an honor working with you guys. Thank you for being so flexible with the time change, and I hope those kiddos enjoyed their dinner! They worked up quite an appetite! Enjoy your sneak and thanks again!

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