Monday, March 23, 2009

rhonda & co.

My third and final Houston shoot of the weekend was with Rhonda and her sweet little girl, Sarah. Sarah with an H, mind you. Rhonda had asked me to take Sarah's 3 Year Portraits. Which was extra special because Rhonda is my sister's best friend. And, by default, a dear friend of mine. My sister and I threw Rhonda a baby shower when she was prego with Sarah, for goodness sake! Rhonda can make the most delicious sugar cookies (that rival Cookie Bouquet's in taste AND presentation!), can match a color of paint to a picture in a magazine (my dining room is proof of this) and is a very talented photographer herself. So not only was is it extra special to take Sarah's portraits, it was an extra honor. A tutu, a tea party, a Tinkerbell cake and confetti all made for a very special session. For a very special little girl. Rhonda, thank you for the honor, thank you for bringing all the props, and thank you for sharing this special time with me! Enjoy your sneaky to the peaky, and kisses to the Sweet Sarah for me . . . and tell her Tinkerbell sends some, too!

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