Monday, March 2, 2009

cathy & co.

Last spring, Cathy saw bridal portraits that I had taken of April. Cathy forwarded my information on to her sister Carla, who then forwarded my name on to her children. Kathleen, daugther-in-law to Carla and neice to Cathy, called for newborn portraits of her son, Beckett. Susan, Kathleen's sister-in-law and Carla's daughter, then called for a family session with her beautiful brood. And yesterday, Cathy, who started it all, drove in all the way from the San Antone area with her gorgeous daughter, Molly, for senior portraits. Did you follow all that? Because, to be honest, I'm a bit dizzy trying to recount it. Let me begin by saying that Molly is tall, thin, absolutely beautiful, intelligent, and has the most amazing turquoise eyes you've ever seen. Oh, and aside from being a debutante, she's a cheerleader. So she's the girl in school you wanted to be. Cathy, like her daughter, is just as lovely, intelligent, a gifted artist and owns her own cafe back home. So, she's the woman you hope to grow up to become. Between the two of them, and Carla (who came along for fun, but willingly went to work for me), I had so much fun! Molly is going to attend UT's School of Biz, but she's still undecided as to what she wants to be when she grows up. Based on yesterday's spectacular shoot, I'd say she could easily have a future on the catwalk! Ladies, thank you so much for driving in for less than 24 hours (they go back home today), just so I could capture this milestone in Miss Molly's life. It was beyond, beyond, beyond an honor! Molly, good luck this semester, and enjoy your sneaky!

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