Monday, March 16, 2009

dena & co.

Leave it to Mother Nature to decide an outdoor Two Year portrait session for the lovely little Lydia was not in the cards. I was supposed to meet Dena and her family at the entrance to the arboretum Saturday morning, but as I was pulling into the gardens, the skies began to pour. A quick call to the client resulted in a quick change of plans: an indoor session back in the studio. So I raced back to meet them there on time, and was pleasantly surprised by the additional company of Nana and Popo! Dena and Jeff made it clear that they really weren't in to posed shots and preferred the candid ones (which are always my fave). I have to say that this was probably the fastest and easiest session I've ever done, even with the weather problems! Lydia made 3 wardrobe changes in what seemed like less than 1/2 hour, posed with all of her admirers, and even had time for a Two Year smash cake sequence. I loved the fact that she brought along her little stuffed puppy, and that she was the one who chose the floral frock she wore in the first shots. Dena and Jeff, thank you so much for being so flexible with the weather drama! It was an absolute pleasure working with all 5 of you, and enjoy your sneak!

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