Thursday, November 4, 2010

kathryn & co.

Three cousins. All under the age of 4. And absolutely adorable. I've had both the honor and pleasure of photographing them all at some point in their little lives. George Downy and Cecelia, sibs visiting from out of town, were two of my very first subjects. Once when Cecelia was only six weeks old and George Downy was a two year old big brother, and a few months later when Cecy turned six months. Miss Kate, or Baby Cakes as the cousins affectionately called her, came to play with me a few months ago, and I fell in love. And watching them all together was too cute. George Downy loved making Baby Cakes laugh by tickling her nose, Baby Cakes loved tasting all that Mother Nature had to offer in the way of grass and leaves, and Cecelia (literally the tallest two year old on the planet) rocked her amazing baby blues, whether smiling or soulfully staring. With three adorably active little ones, it makes for some very sweet candids. The first shot of George Downy putting his hands to his (all too handsome) face in complete (and comical) exasperation is a new fave. I just adore Gigi, Heather, and Kathryn, and next year I expect an invite to their marathon holiday shopping (which they and the kiddies did prior to our session-rock stars, I tell ya). Ladies, thank you for letting me play with your sweeties. They were too much fun. Enjoy your sneaky!

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