Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dena & co.

Baby Boy Bennett. He stopped by the studio on Sunday for some one year photos. The main purpose for the session was to photograph this Pretty Boy (I'm sorry, but he is. So pretty). But Dena wanted a few shots of Big Sis Lydia and Bennett together, too. And, if Jeff was willing, a few family shots at the end. I'm pleased to say we crossed off everything on our list. The most important to me, mind you, being the ones of Bennett posing with the same blanket we used in his newbie shots. How cute is he playing peek-a-boo with the blankie? Miss Lydia was ever the poser in her fancy gowns, but I think little Bennett stole the show. He was all smiles, all the time. Except when we tried to give him cake. One look of that yellow frosting on his pretty little hands, and he wanted none of it. I've only seen one other baby cry at smash cakes, and he was the first boy. Still, it made for a great picture. Go figure. Dena and Jeff, thanks so much for coming out to see me. Your kids are so sweet, they give me cavities. Enjoy your sneak!

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