Friday, July 18, 2008

becca & co.

I sometimes refer to Miss Eva as "the face that launched 1000 shoots". Ok, maybe not a thousand . . . but the shots I took of her in the bluebonnets this past April (that her fabulous & fabulously proud mama, Becca, sent out to friends and family) certainly gave my little biz a jumpstart and a-half and introduced me to some really wonderful families (as did the Joelles, Jessicas and Shanies of the world). So, in an effort to forever remember this lovely tot at the tender age of two (which she just turned on Monday, yet can sing, word for word, "Jesus Loves Me", her ABC's and "The Wheels on the Bus"), Becca brought her out, once more. Aside from being a natural in front of the camera, she was an absolute delight to be around (as was Becca). I always have so much fun with these two; a special thanks to Eva's BFF, Melissa, for the wonderful rendition of "Lollipop"! Thanks, Becca, for bringing your gorgeous girl out to see me, and happy birthday TWO her!

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