Sunday, June 14, 2009

hadley & co.

Hadley. Loved the name when she called for a booking. And then she mentioned she only wanted pictures of 21 month old Mary Jane and 4 week old Margeaux. Sigh. And just as their lovely names suggest, these two little girls were beyond precious. Mary Jane is one curious (and fast) little tot! Slow and stop are two words she cares not to bother with. Smile, laugh and giggle, however, seem to be in her Top Five. And even though she was so very busy, she did honor my request for one Kissy to Baby Sissy shot. And Miss Margeaux was just so sweet. Once we laid her down on her soft pink blanket, she was a sleeping angel in no time. Hadley and Travis, thank you so much for introducing me to your adorable daughters. Such sweeties, such cuties, and you could not have been nicer! Enjoy your summer and your sneak!

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