Tuesday, June 2, 2009

nicole & co.

Last month, Nicole and David came to see me for some maternity pictures. This past weekend they came back for newborn pictures. And they brought along Miss Madeline. Who, a bit shy of two weeks, had THE loveliest head of hair! So long, so thick, and such a to-die-for color. Honestly, I'd pay big bucks to have hair that soft shade of strawberry blonde. Nicole also brought along her mother, who was helping take care of both of her girls for the week. Madeline was so funny; normally at this age, babies sleep and sleep and sleep. But not Miss M. She was so intent on soaking up her new surroudnings. I've never seen anything like it, actually. And oh how she loved to snuggle with her mama! She did manage to take a quick nap at the very end of the session, so we were able to get a sweet sleepy shot. Such a sweet baby girl, with the most easy going personality (just like her parents). Props to David for taking time off work to make the first half of the session; such a good Daddy! Congrats, guys. She's such a sweetie, and it was wonderful seeing you again! Enjoy your sneak!

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