Monday, June 8, 2009

michelle & co.

Last night I found myself surrounded by 11.5 children, 7 lovely mamas and Bob (who plays a mean Mr. Squeaky, if anyone asks). This was my third time to work with Michelle and her babies, and my first time to work with a wonderful group of women who have all been friends the last 3.5 years. Michelle, Lindley, Lindsey, Kristine, Courtenay, Paula and Lindsay all met at a church Mom's group several years ago and have been friends ever since. And so have their precious tots. Impeccable taste runs rampant amongst this group: I loved the blue and white color palette they chose for the outfits, loved the outfits they chose for the kiddos (Baby Gap ad, anyone?) and loved watching everyone interact. The children were all so cooperative and not the least bit put out with the crazy, singing lady shoving a camera in their adorable little faces. I swear I could have taken every single one of them home. I really don't think the session could have gone any smoother: the kids provided lots of fun moments for me to capture, when it came time to do sweet poses with their mamas they were spot on, and we managed to get some cute shots of all the 20.5 supermodels! Here is a small sampling of the cuteness I experienced last night. Aren't they delish? Love the last shot of Ella texting, after all her friend had left. I think it said something like, "OMG, peeps! How fun was THAT!?!?!?? We looked 2 cute and it wuz so much fun. Our moms rock for putting this 2gether. Ella. Out." Thanks, ladies, for such a fun, organized session, and special thanks to Bob for all his help. And, of course, kisses to the kiddies! Enjoy your sneak!

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