Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ashley & co.

You might remember Ashley and her adorable family from a session last fall. Well, for the holidays, Ashley and her sibs gave their parents a family photo session with me. Six months later, I finally had the opportunity to meet the rest of Ash's family. She comes from a family of 4 kids, and as the oldest of 5, I felt right in. There was just a fun dynamic between all of them, and they are obviously a tight-knit bunch. The 4 young cousins (two belong to Ashley, and the other two to lovely sister Lindsay) are all boys and just the cutest things ever. At 4 weeks, little Caleb had a head of hair you wouldn't believe! And Jacob, Jonathan and Jonah had so much fun hunting for birds with Grandma Cindy. The group was very laid back, so much fun and drop-dead gorgeous. Every single one of 'em. Special thanks to baby brother Luigi for all his help, and sincerest apologies to brother Drew for almost running off with his shades! Ashley, thank you for arranging the shoot and for letting me meet the rest of your fam. Hope you all had fun at your post-shoot swim party! Thanks again, and enjoy your sneak!

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