Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lauren & co.

I don't know what is in the water this year, but last night I had my fourth red-headed newborn session. Fourth. In a month, mind you. Red hair. Blue eyes. I was in heaven. I was also a bit nervous. When Lauren called to schedule the appointment, she mentioned Miss Sophie would be 6 weeks old. Now, my faithful reader, you've heard me say it too many times: anything past three weeks gets a bit spotty. Of course, there's always an exception to the rule. And Sophie proved to be it. I could not believe, and I mean Could. Not. Believe. How absolutely calm this baby was. For two hours she just hung out, eyes wide open, staring at my lights. My camera. Me. When she did start to show the tiniest signs that she may be done, Paul leaned over and did some baby trick that he saw on a video (I can't remember what it's called, but oh my heavens, did it work; and don't be alarmed if at your next newborn session I walk in with a 6'4" gentleman who will whisper in your wee one's ear!). Within seconds Sophie was back to posing like a little angel, as calm as can be. During newborn sessions, during feedings, you get some time to get to know Mommy and Daddy. I did think that their story of Them was amusing, so I thought I'd share. They both attended A&M, and while there they worked at Appletree's grocery. Lauren was a checker, Paul was a sacker, and one day Paul came through with a six pack of Shiner. Lauren feigned coolness and asked, "Are you gonna share that with me?" . . . and the rest is history. They have been together for 17 years, married in a castle in Scotland and are now parents to such a sweet little girl who truly was sooooooo easy. Lauren and Paul, thanks for coming out to see me. Enjoy your sneak, and I look forward to Sophie's 6 month portraits!

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