Friday, June 12, 2009

april & co.

Long before she became a mommy-to-be to baby Cowen (due this July!), April has been a mommy-of-sorts to my own two babies. When I was preggers with my 2nd child, she would come along to all my appointments and watch my first child in the waiting room. She was my baby sister's college roommate many moons ago and one of her very best friends. Then, a few years ago, she moved across the street from me. And would you believe, dear reader, she became one of my very best friends! 10 years my junior (I sometimes will deny this), April keeps me young. And hip. And she loves my kids. And they love her. I was with her the day she found out that she would be a mama, and it's been so amazing watching her grow into her new role the last 8 months. April is an amazing artist, so it makes sense that we would stray from the traditional maternity session and make it a little artsy-fartsy. And April is a good ol' country girl from little Seguin, so it makes sense that we'd shoot most of the session on a gorgeous country meadow, complete with hay bales and cows. And ever the doting mama, April insisted on including her first two children, Gunnar and Gracie, in the shoot. While we did get a cute kissing belly shot, I loved the one of them sitting and waiting for their baby brother. April, I can't wait for Cowen's arrival. Enjoy your sneak, and LYLAS!

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