Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sara & co.

Saturday I spent the evening with one of the best dressed families in town. When Sara and Ricky stepped out of their wheels, they looked like they were on their way to some sort of uber-fancy cocktail party. And then Luke, Lauren and Lindsay hopped out in their adorable little outfits, and I was pretty much regretting my clothes choice that evening. Sara is the sister of J, and good looks and great taste must run rampant in that family! The kiddos were all so adorable, and especially so polite. And it was fun to see their distinct personalities. Luke is the protective older brother, and he kept wanting to hold Lindsay in all the shots. Lauren is one of the most verbal 3.5 year olds I've ever met (I honestly thought she was 6!) and so very, "Anything big brother can do, I can do better." Lindsay loved her solo photo session at the end and will soon be walking everywhere . . . which will help her in her quest to keep up with big brother and sister. After a fun photo session, the family was off to Japon for dinner. Where, Luke and Lauren informed me, they would dine on their favorite dish: steamed rice and steak. Hope the meal was as delicious as the session, guys!

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