Thursday, May 28, 2009

katie & co.

Meet Jessie. A four (almost five, thank you very much) year old who loves the camera as much as it loves her. I first photographed Jessie last fall, when I took Family Pics for a local preschool. Needless to say, I fell in love. With her curls. Her eyes. Her smile. All of it. This past spring Jessie was one of my prize models when I took spring and graduation pics for that same school. Yesterday Miss Jessie came out to see me for some 5 year portraits/dance costume shots; oh my heavens, you should see her tap dance! She brought along her Mommy and Granny (who was in from Washington, on the Tour de Grandchildren tour; you should see Cousin Mia. Equally charming!). Jessie is 4, going on 14. She just gets it. If I ask her to smile softly, she does it. If I tell her to look a certain way, she does it. And she's even come up with her own pose. I'll call it Cute & Coy. I asked her where she learned it, and she said, "I just thought it up myself." A very bright girl who will start kindergarten in the fall. And, lucky for me, she'll still be attending the same school where I met her, so my camera doesn't have to go into withdrawl just yet. Thanks, Katie, for coming out to see me! Enjoy your sneak (and your little Shirley Temple!).

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