Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tracey & co.

This past Sunday I met Tracey and Lamar at the Arboretum. They brought along Nana and Jim, as well as the guest of honor, Mr. Nolan. Nolan recently turned one, and this was my third time to work with the little cherub. He's walking now, can say "yeah" with great enthusiasm, still loves to shake it to his favorite song, is as cute as ever and probably one of the best dressed kids around; seriously, I wish I had 1/2 of Tracey's style sense. Nana was such a great help when it came time to make the birthday boy smile, and Jim did a great job holding reflectors (I don't think they knew I'd put them to work so early in the morning!). The neatest thing about this session: I found out that the next time I'll work with this family is for Tracey's maternity session! This lovely family is expecting another Littlest Little (which, technically, makes Nolan the Biggest Littlest Little) in the fall, and I simply can't wait to get my lens in front of him/her! Congrats, guys, and thanks for another great session. Enjoy your sneak!

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