Monday, May 25, 2009

jessica & co.

Yesterday, Jessica and Matt brought over their adorable 19 month old, Kyle. Matt and Kristy are siblings, so it was really neat to work with a past client's extended family. And I definitely saw similarities between the cousins! Those gorgeous eyes for one thing. We had originally planned our session for another location, but the threat of rain drowned those plans. So the trio came out to see me, which worked out great. We were able to go out back and take some outdoor shots (and Kyle was a huge fan of the "ice"/creek), and then we were able to go inside for some adorable indoor shots. Kyle, ever the boy, was so very busy. And I must give him credit; even though he can't "talk", he got my sense of humor. And to be perfectly honest, not many adults do. Needless to say, he won me over with that huge smile and little laugh. Such a sweet family, and Matt and Jessica were so patient as I took my time getting to know Mr. Man. Thanks, guys, for being so flexible about the weather drama, and thanks for coming out to see me! It was so much fun . . . looking forward to a Cousins Session soon! Enjoy your sneak!

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