Wednesday, May 20, 2009

naoko & co.

At the beginning of this school year, my son came home talking about a boy in his class. The boy's name was Kai, and my son told me that he ate sushi for lunch. Every day. He also said Kai was very funny, as well as very nice. Throughout the year, our dinner conversations were peppered every now and then with stories about Kai. And I'll admit, I was intrigued: a pre-k'er who loved sushi? I finally had the chance to meet Mr. Kai last month, when I took the spring/graduation pictures at my son's school. And he was everything my son said he was: funny, nice and so very sweet! His mama was so happy with the picture I took of her son, she contacted me to take pictures of her entire family. So this past Sunday evening I finally got to meet the rest of Kai's family: daddy Kurt, mama Naoko, sister Mika, and baby brother Koji. And like him, they were so very nice, so very funny and so much fun! Kai and Mika were so sweet with each other, and Kai was truly the loving big brother with baby Koji; he wanted to hold his baby brother in all the pictures! Hams really don't begin to describe these siblings (look at the priceless, spontaneous expressions they're vogue-ing in the last pic), and proud really does not begin to describe their parents. Naoko, thank you so much for scheduling this session. Your babies are beautiful and such sweeties! Oh, and for clarification, Kai ate origni for lunch every day (handmade by mama), not sushi. Have a wonderful trip (they leave for Japan next week!), and enjoy your sneak peek!

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