Saturday, May 16, 2009

heather & co.

When Heather contacted me about newborn pictures a few months ago, I told her it was best to schedule them within the baby's first two weeks of life. Anything past that, I explained, and Jr. is not as cooperative in posing (as all he wants to do, understandably, is snuggle with mama and eat). I found out later that this recommendation stressed the new mama out! But she booked within the magic window, and yesterday at 12 o'clock she and Nathan arrived with Baby Pierce (on his two week birthday, no less). And they left at 5 after one. I usually plan for newborn shoots to take two hours, as we must allow for a feeding (or two) and a diaper change (or two), but Pierce was all business and required nothing more than a soft blanket on which to lay his lovely little head. We managed to finish the entire session in less than an hour. Absolutley astounding. Never you mind that he was as adorable as they come, and Heather and Nathan were so relaxed for first-time parents. Such a sweet little family of three, and it was so much fun working with them during this very special time. They shared with me that Nathan had actually painted some vintage cars on canvas for the nursery, and my mind is already envisioning a 6 month session in the nursery! Congratulations on the sweetest little arrival, guys, and thanks for bringing him out to see me. Enjoy your sneak!

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