Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sunday & co.

My youngest sister, Trish, has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, especially with this whole photography thing. But the one thing she gives me so much grief about is my blog writing. She thinks the words I type on the screen are just a bit much. Marintated in jam, dipped in sugar, rolled in honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and powder sugar and then deepfried in a gooey concoction of sweet, sweet, sweetness that (and I'm quoting her here), "gives me cavities." So I have half-a mind to end here. But, alas, I can not. Let me clarify: the reason my entries may seem a bit over the top is because I aboslutely love what I do. And the 45-60 minutes I get to spend with a family, in an effort to preserve moments that will last forever, mean so much to me. As did last night. Trish and Kelly have been married five years this June. Which puts them at a very young age for being newlyweds. And while they have weathered a few bumps along the way, I'm very proud of the little path they've paved for themselves. And their greatest accomplishment, ever, has to be raising my amazing nephew, Kelton. A few months shy of 4, he is the epitome of snips, snails and puppy dog tails. In other words, all boy. Yet there is the sweetest, softest little side to him that, when you catch it, absolutely melts your heart (as when he and his mama were giving eskimo kissies to each other in the field of flowers). Kelton absolutely loved posing for me and Missy (my other beautiful sis whom you have previoulsy met in these posts), and as the thunder slowly rolled in over the dusty plains of West Texas, Kelton kept saying, "Guys, is the rain here? It the rain here? It's comin'. I can hear it!" My sisters and I had scouted out locations for this shoot the day prior, and Trish found this amazing field of wild flowers. Bluebonnets be damned! They provided the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous family. One thing I'll say about my youngest sister: you know that phrase, "When she walks in, she lights up a room." This pretty much sums up Trish. And even on your worst of worst days, she'll somehow get you to smile (and probably even laugh). But lest I get too sugary, she can be a bit of a diva. And Kellbell knows how to bring her back down to the real world in an instant. Thanks for lugging all the props, Kellbell (and for being such a wonderful daddy to my little Kelton!). I had so much fun working with Trish and her boys. She brought along a wardrobe change, some great ideas, a few props and her megawatt smile . . . which all made for a very special session. T, enjoy your sneaky to the peeky! Now go brush your teeth.

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