Saturday, May 2, 2009

kelly & co.

Madeline. At three: insists on wearing ballet shoes. With everything. Is the only one in her family with blonde hair. Eats oatmeal for breakfast. And applesauce at snacktime. Is obsessed with all things Ballet. Celebrated two birthdays (one with Disney on Ice, the other with Nana and Papa) for her third. Loves her doll, Molly. Refers to herself as Gorgeous. Has the most adorable little freckle above her mouth. And is a mini Drew Barrymore (circa ET). Oh, and she's So. Much. Fun. And extremely efficient. In less than an hour, we went through 3 wardrobe changes, 2 settings and so many smiles. I know I say this all the time, but oh my heavens, do I have the sweetest, smartest little clients! Whatever I asked her to do, Madeline did. Even down to holding her hands in her lap, still as a statue. Mama Kelly, who is expecting a son in September, was so sweet. And she sat back and just let me and the divine Miss M play, and laugh, and pose and smile. Such a beautiful, spirited, adorable little girl, and I am so beyond excited to meet baby brother this fall. Kelly, thank you for bringing your little ballerina out to see me. She earned that blue lollipop, and enjoy your sneak!

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