Sunday, November 15, 2009

suzi & co.

The last time I saw Suzi, Chris, and Graham, they were a very sweet family of three. That was over a year ago. Add 7 day old baby Hudson to the mix, and now you have a very sweet family of four. The lovely family (including Nana, in from Tyler to help her daughter adjust to mommyhood x 2) came out to see me on Saturday for Hudson's newborn session. Aside from Graham's beloved monkey falling into the creek (thank God it was not the baby), we had a great time. Chris nearly jumped into the creek (I'm not kidding) and saved the lovey before it sank. No worries, all you germaphobes at home: while we continued the session, my high efficiency gave Mr. Monkey a thorough bath. After Graham posed with us for a bit, Nana and Chris took him outside to play (away from the creek, dear reader), and I got to turn my attention to sweet baby Hudson. Absolutely gorgeous, beyond perfect . . . he was just an angel. And the type of baby photogs dream about. And did I mention his tendency to smile? Such a sweetie. Suzi brouht along a gorgeous oatmeal/cream colored blanket, and Hudson adored snoozing in it (among other things). All in all, a great session, and I was so very honored that they chose me to document this memorable time in their lives. Made all the more memorable, mind you, by the MOB (monkey overboard). Suzi and Chris, congratulations on the arrival of your second beautiful boy. It was both an honor and a pleasure. Enjoy your sneak!

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