Monday, November 23, 2009

kristin & co.

Friday morning's rain promised to drown my sessions on Saturday. Which had me in a panic. And at 5 a.m. on Friday, Kristin was already emailing me. In a panic. After a few hours of playing the What If game with me, Kristin took matters in to her own hands. I am not sure what she said, dear reader. Or what exactly she did. But I know it involved libations and and a manicure. And on Saturday morning I woke up, timidly peeked out the window . . . and did not see the 70% chance of rainfall that had been predicted the day before! And so I was able to meet the other men in Kristin's life. In previous sessions, I had the pleasure of working with Gigi, Nana and Courtney. Papa Joe and Uncle Matt rounded out the rest of the family, and Matt's ubercute girlfriend, Alyson, came to play my assistant. As I knew they would be, the family was so much fun. It was hard to concentrate on the pictures, as I was desperately trying to hear all the one liners zipping behind me. And believe me, there were plenty. Along with plenty of laughs. Sweet baby Madison was such a trooper in the chilly Novmeber morning air, and by the end of the session she was done. Finished. The one of her "snuggling" with Aunt Court and Uncle Matt is a new favorite outtake ("It looks like she hates us!" Courtney said during the picture taking). Kristin, kudos on organizing this in the first place, in arm-wrestling with Mother Nature and winning, and thanks to everyone for coming out to see me. Enjoy your Thanksgiving . . . and your sneak!

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  1. I am a little biased...but what a great looking family. Jennifer you are the best and capture it all......ahhh See you in 3 weeks :)