Monday, October 26, 2009

kristin & co.

What do you do when you book a 3 month session for your daughter, but you run out of time during said session . . . and you don't get to use some of the adorable outfits you bought for said session? Why, if you're Kristin, dear reader, you book another session! And so, to my delight, Miss Madison, Kristin and Nana came out to see me on Sunday . . . with three adorable little outfits, to boot. Not sure if it was the two hour conversation Madison had with herself at one in the morning in her crib (I'm sure it went something like, "I love my toes. I'm fabulous. I know it. And I'm gonna rock the camera today. I love rice cereal."), but Madison was all smiles, all giggles and all girl. I think Kristin has a bow in every color and every size (I am not kidding), and Madison knows how to wear them. I recently had some fabulous chairs fabulously recovered, and Madison loved them. Loved sitting in them, standing in them, loved them . . . The shot of her standing up and holding Kristin and Nana's hand is one of my faves: Kristin is a strong woman, and having worked with her so many times, I've met all the other strong women in her life. Her mom, especially, is such a force in Madison's life (she takes care of her during the week, for goodness sake!), so I like the idea of both women helping Madison stand, on either side of her . . . as they surely will her whole life. Kristin, dah-ling, you know I love you. Thank you so much for bringing the ladies out to see me, and I look forward to next month's (and the month after that!) mega-family session!

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