Monday, October 26, 2009

loren & co.

Meet Mr. Gavin. Such a little sweetheart who had no intention of posing naked for me. Not for one second. I guess all his newborn buddies told him that the pics might be used years and years from now in a Rehearsal Dinner slideshow. But once we swaddled him, and mama fed him, he was good to go. Scott and Loren, the proud parents, could not have been any sweeter. And Gavin? Insane strength (he gave me a good 2 minutes of holding his neck up) and insane eye contact. As all the sweet parents of my newbies know, I love me some newborn lovin'. And sometimes I just can't help but pick up Jr. and snuggle for a second or two. Whilst snuggling with little G, he looked up at me . . . and just stared into my eyes. I'm not kidding. And at one point, while I was just whispering sweet nothings into his little ear, I think he smiled back at me. Ever the charmer. Loren brought along a little white hat that her Grandmother had knitted for Gavin. The story goes that when Loren found out she was prego, she bought the yarn and took it to Grandma. She told Grandma to knit her something for her great-grandchild, and Gavin was presented with the hat (and matching blankey). While he certainly has a little room to grow in to it, he definitely looks content wearing it! Loren and Scott, congrats on your beautiful boy! Thanks for letting me capture this special time in your lives, and enjoy the sneak!

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